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Help finish Buckhead Boules Terrain

Roswell Club members are invited to help complete Jim’s Buckhead Pétanque Court Saturday April 14th and then play on it.

Please RSVP to Jim’s email if you can help and play.

Jim Askren Wrote:

I have a plan to have a better surface for the boules terrain and level it out some the weekend of the 14th/15th.
If I get some help, it will likely take just part of the 14th.
I will have a front end loader tractor available to move buckets of material to the needed areas and spread it around some but some shoveling, raking and brooming will be necessary.
Then it will need to be rolled.
I will have a shovel (can use more so bring one if you have it.
A push broom (as wide as you have) will be needed.
A pickup to get a rented roller and return it would be helpful.
If any of you can help, please volunteer.
Also, if you know any players who would like to help, bring them along.
We will have about 15-18 tons of Walking Path Slate Chips material to spread (as presently planned), level and roll. It should be delivered Friday. The tractor will do the heavy lifting.
Jim Askren
1475 Hanover West Drive, NW
Atlanta, GA 30327-1117
(404) 357-5456

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