Atlanta Pétanque League

April Boules Day Tournament 2021

Atlanta Pétanque League held it’s second Open Tournament on April 17 & 18th, 2021.

There were 21 double teams from different states participating and it was a truly wonderful event.

Results of April Boules Day 2021 Open double Pétanque Tournament

Concours A

Congratulations to Carolina Pétanque’s Bo and Parker Edwards for Champion A First Place in the tournament hosted by Atlanta Pétanque League
Congratulations to Honor Woodard (NC) and her partner Frosty Sabo (FL) for Finalist A Second Place.

Concours B

Congratulations to Andrew Rausch and Jay Williamson (APL) for First Place Champion B.
Congratulations to Nicolas Philippe & Stephane De France (APL) for Second Place in Consolante Finalist B.

Concours C

Congratulations to Lori Beth & Larry Creasy (NC) for First Place in Champion C.

Consolante A

Congratulations to Laurent Meurisse & Gary Montgomery (APL) for First Place in Consolante Champion A
Congratulations to Jerry Miller (FL) and Kirk Edwards (NC) for Second Place in Consolante Finalist A

Consolante B

Congratulations to Guy & Catherine Diebold (LA) for First Place Consolante Champion B.
Congratulations to Remi Stephan & Sara Benson (APL) for Second Place Consolante Finalist B.

Complete scoring details (April Boules Day 2021 scores)


Pictures from the Winners

1st place Champion A Parker & Bo Edwards (NC)

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Pictures from the event


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