Fall boules Tournament in Milton, September 25 & 26, 2021

Atlanta Pétanque League hosted an Open Double Tournament in Milton on September 25 & 26, 2021.  There was 30 teams from different states that participated in this friendly but very competitive event! 

Here are the results :

Concours A

Congratulations to  Songmi Keating & Ziggy Kessouagni                            First Place 
Congratulations to  Stacey Linh & Manu Le Bihan                                       Second Place
Congratulations to  Kirk Edwards & Uijin Park                                             Third Place.
Congratulations to  Laurent Meurisse & Gary Montgomery                       Fourth Place.

Consolante B

Congratulations to Al Davison & Honor Woodward                                     First Place
Congratulations to  Larry & LoriBeth Creasy                                                 Second Place
Congratulations to Kevin Tull & Nicolas Philippe                                         Third Place
Congratulations to Tim Glover & JP Gillardo                                                 Fourth Place

Consolante C

Congratulations to Yves Andriamaromana & Lala Andrianjohary            First Place
Congratulations to Cyrille  Cardona & Michel Gwinner                               Second Place
Congratulations to Marc Mallet & Xavier Dupuis                                         Third Place
Congratulations to Cindy Tull & Shannon Gwinner                                     Fourth Place

Consolante D

Congratulations to Lila Rahalison & Yvonne Law                                        First Place
Congratulations to Sara Benson & Remi Stephan                                        Second Place


Qualification ranking details (Fall Boules Day 2021 qualification.pdf)

Pictures from the Winners

Champion A 1st place: Songmi Keating & Ziggy Kessouagni

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Pictures from the tournament

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