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Pétanque Amelia Island Open 2018

(more pictures added Thanks to the photographs !!! )

The Atlanta Pétanque League (APL) had ten teams – and the support of 30+ family, teens and friends as supporters, at the annual Amelia Island Tournament. We got to Meet new friends, Compete (two APL teams won their bracket, see below) and enjoy plenty of time to Drink and Eat together. Some great photos below. The fun continues in Atlanta. Come grow with us! 

The results are in! Thank you all for joining us for the Pétanque Amelia Island Open 2018!

Concours A
1 Jean-Pierre Subrenat & Bruno Le Boursicaud
2 Christiane Lion & Dylan Rocher
3 Daniel Dartis & Thierry Grandet
3 Shuchi Verma & Stephane Robineau
5 Eric Moutard & Claudy Weibel
5 Florent Vinals & Philippe Suchaud
5 Youssef Hassoune & Ziggy Kessouagni
5 Cedric Capelli & Philippe Sigari

Concours B
1 David Chang & Evan Dawson
2 Sidi Moahamed Bah & Aaron Weeks
3 Carl Motschiedler & John Harris
3 Jerry Miller & Bill Sabella
5 Robert Bridge & Adalys Taraunu
5 Brice Questel & Joel Greaux
5 Vladimir Hronsky & Ruzena Hronsky
5 Parker Edwards & Khalid Bouamoud

Concours AA
1 Mark Greenberg & Julien Lamour
2 Kirk Edwards & Nawfal Bensaidi
3 David Fournier & Bruno Tommasini
3 Christian Cazenave & Lahouri Baba

Concours BB
1 Felipe Cardona & Hasu Patel
2 Marc Quilici & Juan Hernandez
3 Tom Leon & Justin Bo Johns
3 Stan Russo & Patrick Delpuech

Consolante A
1 Andrew Barron & Siva Nunna
2 Timothee Odushina & Michael Kronenberg
3 Andrea Ramirez Soto & Diego Saul Guitierrez Sanchez
3 Christian Vinel & Stephane Montambeault

Consolante B
1 Rebekah Howe & Silas Holm
2 Christian Neirinckx & Christine Bosmans
3 Edgar Martin & Claude Martin
3 Shannon Hodge & Gina Dejoy

Consolante AA
1 James Thompson & Robert Beasley
2 Margaret Sweeney & Rick Sweeney

Consolante BB
1 Scott Sheehan & Artem Zuev
2 Salem Touati & Gilles Milon

Consolante C
1 Alain Girard & Patrick O’Donnell
2 Dominique Debruyne & Patrick Lemelledo
3 Francis Klonowski & Ronald Wallach
3 Dennis Hammond & Gary Montgomery

Consolante D
1 Carla Houser & Daniel Houser
2 Richard Cundiff & William Cooke
3 Chubby Misra & Marco Ilaria
3 George Day & Eddie Roseberry

Consolante CC
1 Jay Williamson & Andrew Rausch
2 Robert Wells & Chip Ross

Consolante DD
1 James Askren & Nathalie Helin
2 Jerry Isaac & Pat Johnson


Want to join us in Amelia in 2019? Check out the video to learn more.


Atlanta International Night Market

Atlanta Pétanque League spread some fun at the Atlanta International Night Market this weekend. We proudly represented France at the flag parade and welcomed everyone to join us and learn about Pétanque. Our booth was busy with little ones, high schoolers, families and more seasoned players gathering around our Pétanque Court and learning about our league.

If you want to… Meet. Compete. Drink. Eat. You want to Pétanque!
Boules is Cool. Want Pétanque!

Hanover West Boules Club

Hanover West Boules Club (Part of the Atlanta Pétanque League)

Our Boules/Bocce Terrain has been refined and played.
It is 16’ wide and 80’ long so it can be easily divided into two terrains (16 x 40) and have two Terrains which will accommodate 12 players.

See me for Boules (Balls and a pig) to borrow and lessons (free). A great game for young, middle aged and old guys like me. Easy to learn but challenging and not so easy to win.
All you need for Boules (per my friend Phillipe Boets) is Balls, a Pig – the small yellow ball in the picture – and a patch of Dirt.
BYOB or other libation and mingle while playing.

1334 Hanover West Drive, NW, Atlanta, 30327

For those interested in establishing some preferred time(s) to just show up and play, let me know the time(s) and I will try to set something up.
For instance, at Fernandina Beach, FL the Amelia Island Boules Club has set times of Mon. through Fri. at 2:30  to about 6 PM and Sat. at 9 – Noon.
During the week, 15 – 25 people show up. On Sat. we get 40 – 60. Individual play is up to each person’s interest at other times.
I have equipment you can use until you decide if you like the game. Then I can give you a Website where you can purchase your own.
There is a Boules club in Roswell (part of the Atlanta Pétanque League) and one in Athens with whom we (HW) can have some competitions.
Play on the Hanover West Park terrain is free.
If you join the Club, the cost is $65 and includes membership in the Atlanta Pétanque League and the Federation Pétanque USA along with its publication and eligibility for league play/tournaments.
Feel free to pass this on to others who may have an interest.

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