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 Atlanta Pétanque League. Boules is cool. Want Pétanque! 

Meet. Compete. Drink. Eat.

Pétanque, pronounced “pay-tank” began in 1910 in the Provence area of France. Similar to bocce which you must play on a smooth prepared court, Pétanque (also known as “boules”) can be played on almost any dirt, or gravel, surface. The fun begins, and your confidence and skills improve, when you learn how to play on a variety of surfaces. Extreme pétanque anyone?

Learn to toss, or roll, your boules – using an arched back-spin, so they land closer to the small target ball, called a “cochonnet” (French for “piglet”) than your opponents. Stand, or squat, and keep both feet on the ground, within the roughly 20” circle you stand in. Hit and move other boules, or the target ball, and totally change the game! Novice players frequently surprise themselves with how quickly they learn the game, have fun and make new friends.

Beginners and all ages/skill levels are welcome! Pétanque is a quick and easy game to learn. No special skill required. Adults and children can play as a family team. We can teach you how to play and have a limited number of boules for you to use until you decide Pétanque is for you.

The equipment is inexpensive – See Membership page to learn more. The game is simple, relaxing, lots of fun, and a perfect way to make new friends. You may get hooked, even addicted, when you discover that Boules is Cool and Want Pétanque!

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