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Why Boules is Cool

Bonjour! Hello!

Pétanque (also known as Boules) is a cool, low cost, game that almost any age can play, almost anywhere.

Pétanque is cool because it can be played on most outdoor surfaces, without any setup. Bocce is a similar game, but it needs a smooth, prepared court with markers and sideboards.

Yes, it’s the French game with a funny name, but no, it’s not just for French people. It’s a game that Atlanta – our international city, is ready for! It’s a game for every member of the family.

It’s easy to learn, a challenge to master. It’s a fun, social, addictive game for all ages. All skill levels are welcome to join the fun. Can’t play? We’ll teach you!

Me? Want Pétanque?

It can happen to you. Here’s how it happened to me.

I’m from England, married to a Belgian with an American son. Several years ago our many French and Belgian friends got me hooked on Pétanque.

In November 2017 about twenty of us were at a Pétanque party, our friends in Marietta had a Pétanque court in their backyard! We all decided to compete in the Pétanque Amelia Island 2017 Open. Players from all over the world come to compete. It was a huge social event and we learned a lot more about the game. That’s where I got addicted and decided to start the Atlanta Pétanque League, so that more people would decide that boule is cool and want Pétanque!

In November 2018 we took almost 50 people – ten teams with their family, kids and friends, to the Amelia Island Open Tournament. It was a huge hit! Mostly pétanque and a lot of party! And yes, two of our teams won their bracket!

The goal of the Atlanta Pétanque League is to provide a fun social space that brings people of all ages together to play, meet or compete. It will organize events, tournaments, coaching and more.

As founder of the Atlanta Pétanque League, I invite you to contact me to discover how to join, or start, a local affiliate club; details are on the Membership page. Where else can you have this much fun for a $70.00 annual membership fee?

Thanks to Roswell Recreation & Parks the Roswell Pétanque Club is the first club in the Atlanta Pétanque League. We have the Hanover West Boules Club court in Buckhead and in November 2018 our Marietta DDF Club opened. Check out how to join the Atlanta Pétanque League and get the support you need to join or start an affiliate club in your community. If you are a city or community park, local business, subdivision, school, civic, business, chamber or networking group and want to add a social element to how you meet, contact me to learn how the Atlanta Pétanque League can help that happen!

Atlanta Petanque League. Boules is cool. Want Petanque!

President and Founder: Peter Gibson 770.317.1009

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